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Friday, March 4, 2011

The state of Montreal Radio

Radio... why am I blogging about radio?  I have nothing to do with broadcasting, nothing to do with radio, or any particular radio shows.  I do however listen to radio.  As much as I dislike Montreal as a city, Montreal has a history of amazing radio personalities.
I will start off by saying this, I am going to make a few comments about FM radio, I do not listen to AM radio, but I must say, Andrew Carter on CJAD is a brilliant individual and a very talented radio personality.  I remember him back when he was on 'Quiz the Wiz'.  I don't listen to him because I don't listen to AM radio.  He has a great reputation, and if you like talk radio, try listening to him.
Here is what my blog is about - English morning radio.  When I was just a wee little kid, I remember listening to Terry & Ted on CHOM.  They moved around a bit and then ended up back on CHOM.  A few years back, Terry left to Calgary and people doubted Ted's ability to be the #1 guy on the show.  He proved to be the very best morning man, and at the time, CHOM's Ted, Kim & Kemp was the best morning show you could find.  I know Kim Rossi was only there because of her husband, and I know she is a vile excuse for a human being, but the show itself was great.
It is now 2011, and for the last year I would not be found dead listening to CHOM's new morning show.  Pete Merrier & Chantal Desjardins are nothing short of terrible.  Way to go on ruining Montreal's #1 morning show.  Ted Bird left CHOM and ended up on K103.7, off the Indian reserve near Montreal.  I listen to him on occasion because I like him, and find him hilarious, but I don't always get good reception from them.
The person that I truly loved on the CHOM morning show was Rob Kemp.  He is now on the 1 - 4 pm time slot and I always make an effort to listen to him.  He has great personality, he is funny, he is amazing with twitter, facebook and YouTube.  He is the future of radio in my opinion.  He has mastered the art of old fashioned radio personality with new aged social networking, and he is amazing at both.
My kids like the popular trendy music.  Sadly they have both been struck by Bieber fever :(  !  For that reason I have been mostly listening to Virgin Radio 96 in the morning.  Cat Spencer and Lisa Player are an amazing team, great personalities and they work well together.
To no surprise, Q92 asked Aaron Rand to step down and he gracefully did.  Cat Spencer is leaving Virgin to go fill his shoes.  I know Cat will do well at Q92, he is very talented and I believe he really likes his job and career.  I am hoping that Lisa does not follow him to Q92... Virgin needs SOMEBODY!!!
Who can fill in on the morning show for Cat?  Is there a big enough name out there that can replace him?  Will this replacement work as well with Lisa as he did?
I am not sure what is going on, but it seems that since Astral bought Mix96, CHOM & CJAD things have been going wacky.  Ted Bird left, Rob Kemp was given a shorter show, Cat is leaving, and they are fully supportive of Pete Merrier & Chantal Desjardins... I'm confused.
I guess I was wrong when I said I wouldn't talk about AM radio, because here it comes... I think that a few of the CJAD crew should be brought to FM radio.  I think Dan Laxer would work well on CHOM, and perhaps get funny man Joey Elias on either CHOM or Virgin's morning show???  I would LOVE to see Rob Kemp back on in the am, although I am sure he is OK without the 3am wake-ups.
During the day I listen to satellite radio or my iPod.  I make an effort to listen to Rob, and in the morning I enjoy the talking, the jokes, the music and the little games that they play.  However, if the Virgin show goes the route of CHOM's, I am going to be all iPod all the time...

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