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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What BlackBerry needs to do in the tablet market

Let's face the facts.  No matter how much I personally praise BlackBerry, and no matter how efficient their phones are, and the fact that millions of users love them, they are losing market share by the minute.  Android and Apple have taken a large part of the market, and with 2 versions of the iPad out, and newer Android operated tablets coming out daily, the tablet market is tight.
I personally have quite a few positive things to say about the PlayBook, but I also have a few negatives.  There is no such thing as the PERFECT product, but you want something that is as close to perfect for you as possible.
The PlayBook was created to compete directly with the iPad... but the BlackBerry user's market isn't the same as the iPad user.
Most people that want a secure, reliable, durable phone will choose BlackBerry.  RIM made the BlackBerry a success in the offices of lawyers, accountants and business executives.  That is where they need to still focus.  Yes, teenagers are getting BlackBerries... yes, young adults who are not yet professionals are trying BlackBerries, and they are the ones that argue that there aren't enough apps in App World.
What RIM truly needs to do is get back to basics... create a tablet that is fast, multi tasking, and light weight.  Make it very business friendly.  Create a tablet that the doctor can carry around the hospital instead of his charts... a tablet that lawyers can keep all their documents on that he can travel with.  Same as the business executive.  Yes, the iPad does all this, but the wonderful thing about the PlayBook is the "Bridge" if you are already a BlackBerry user.  RIM needs to expand on that, and then they will regain the confidence that many shareholders have lost.
RIM wasn't built on "happy fun time" cell phones.  They were built on efficiency and reliability.  Perhaps the next tablet should be the BriefBook (as in briefcase book) as oppsed to the PlayBook II.

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