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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The safest way to bank on your blackberry

Not too long ago, reports that your mobile banking app may not be as secure as expected.  Many security risks were found and even Apple had a major security breach.  If there is one thing more than anything else that you do not want hacked, its your banking information.
I contacted a research firm, and they ran a few surveys for me.  Turns out that although RIMs market share is falling, they still have the majority of high end businessmen that travel, especially internationally.
Not too many cell compnaies offer reasonable data rates outside of your local zone, and that got me thinking... why not create a secure, information reduced, WiFi not necessary, no data plan required banking app?  It wasn't an easy task but I did get it accomplished.
Daily Banking Tracker is an app for those who either travel frequently or do loads of banking.  We don't require your account name or number.  We don't ask for what bank you deal with.  We don't even care what currency you use.   Simply put in your balance of the account you want to track, and then continue to make transactions, and the app will do the math for you so that you know your active balance.
When you write a cheque (yup, people still do that) it will deduct that from your account so that you know your TRUE available balance.
Since WiFi and data plans aren't required, there is no risk for any hacking, and should you lose your phone, no valuable information is in the app other than a bunch of numbers.  They wouldn't even know what bank you deal with.
For a full description of this $0.99 app you can CLICK HERE
I truly hope that this app brings peace of mind and security to those that need it.

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