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Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 years comes and goes quickly

Its September 10th 2011, 10 years less 1 day since our world was forever changed!  Where were you?  I was loving life partying hard in Lake Louise Alberta.  I was in the middle of a National Park, doing a job I enjoyed with people I really got along well with.
I was working the supper shrifts at the Chateau Lake Louise Victoria dining room.  I was supposed to start at 3pm, but I woke up early that cool September 11th morning.  I turned on the TV and as usual, switched to CNN - as I watched, 1 of the trade towers was in flames and a plane flew right through the 2nd tower.
WTF was going on???
We all know what happened now, thousands of innocent people lost their lives.  Everyday people turned into HEROES that day, running into sheer doom to try and save people.  The images of firefighters and emergency workers trying to dig people from the rubble, and carrying people out of the chaos is an image we all saw.
It was that very day that I realized Superman, Batman et al weren't the heroes, firefighters, dedicated police officers, ambulance attendants and every day joes who put on the brave hat that day, those are the REAL heroes.
I am very grateful that I wasn't affected 1st hand by any loss that day.  My family from New York and New Jersey were safe.  I didn't have any friends in that area that day.  I was not affected.
That being said, as a person with family in Israel, my family has directly been affected by terrorist attacks, and terrorism is terrorism.
The other heroes that day were the passengers of flight 93!  They discovered what had happend and they did the brave thing and took down that plane to prevent greater loss.  I can only imagine what went through their heads as they realized that they had no other real option.
They discovered what had happened by using their cell phones on the plane.  I wonder how different 9/11 would have been had twitter and Facebook been used back then.  Would tweets about the 1st hijacking have gotten people out of the Trade Towers?  Would status updates on Facebook have gotten people to evacuate the 2nd building?
I love technology, no doubt about it, but I always wonder, did people use their BBM on BlackBerry to warn other people?  Did text messages save any lives?  Would twitter have made a difference?
Truth is none of that matter right now.  I pray for the families of all those that lost parents, lovers, children, siblings, cousins and friends.  May they all rest in peace!
I say thank you to the brave people who became HEROES that day, even though I was not personally affected, they showed the power of humanity that day, and I tip my hat to them.
I will never forget how brave they were.  I will always be grateful for the soldiers who are overseas.   Whether you like their "mission" or not, they are in harms way, and until all of them are home safe, pray for them and their families.  For those that lost friends and family, my sincerest condolonces.
May the next 10 years be filled with rebirth, joy, happiness and peace!

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