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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Internet Security - your role in it

When we speak about internet security, chances are you are thinking about viruses, worms, cookies, spyware and software to prevent those.  We have all heard the words Norton, McCaffe, Anti-Virus and malware.  These are all essential in the age of internet, but there is a much older saying that rings true for internet users as well - BUYER BEWARE!
I am a huge fan of fitness and natural remedies.  I am on twitter all the time and I love connecting to people who are well known and respected "experts" on these subjects.  As a certified personal trainer, certified nutritionist and somebody who has taken courses in holistic nutrition, energy healing and herbology, I consider myself very knowledgeable, but by no means an expert.
We all know the dangers on the internet that concern identity theft, sexual predators and people trying to get your personal information.  These crimes were going on before the internet age, and sadly will continue in the future as well.  There are other crimes that are easy to fall for on the internet.
Fitness and weight loss especially have huge followings of people ready to get the fix they need to help solve their problems.  You can buy pills, creams, books, DVDs and tons of other stuff as well.  Fact is, most of it won't help you.
Recently the popular trend has been self healing and natural remedies.  I agree with so many of these and I read quite a few books and articles written by true experts, Dr Andrew Weil, Dr Mercola, Deepak Chopra, even Dr Oz.  These are people that all have medical training, experience in sciences, and years of clinical work to back up their philosophies and theories.  That doesn't mean that they are the only people that are correct, but a strong training and proof of that training is definitely something to look for when looking for an "expert".
Would you bring your car to a guy that kinda knows stuff since he read a few books, helped out at a garage a few times and has fixed his breaks once, or would you go to a certified mechanic?
Recently I was on twitter and came across a so called "self trained" natural healer.  His name is Roger Bezanis, and I must say, I happen to agree with almost everything he has to say.  He is very knowledgeable, and most of what he says makes sense.  I decided to research him for a bit.  He has a beautiful website that states that he has trained with a great Shaman... OK, who?  when?  where?  What training did he receive?
He has 43000+ followers, and I am sure some of those followers do everything he says, and that is OK, I have no issues with that.  What bothers me are people like him that offer services through his website.  Roger Bezanis claims that for $150 you can send in pictures of yourself (he has certain specifications about the pictures) and he will reply with a healing philosophy for you.  Again, I don't doubt that hand to face can lead to very obvious clues to your health, but by picture, without meeting the person?  This, like so much out there sounds like a money grab.
How about those emails you get that can help you lose 20lbs in 30 days... AND ITS FREE!!!  You just pay the ridiculous $19.95 shipping and handling charges.  MONEY GRAB!!!
As users of the internet, we have a duty to research what is out there. Google had become a great source of knowledge and information.  Sadly, it also has a wealth of misinformation and wrong facts.  Being smart on the internet is the only way to go.  Do your research.  If you decide that people who claim to be self taught healers are good enough for you, that's fair enough, if you decide you want more facts, go get them.
We have a duty to protect ourselves online, and no matter what, that is a role we must take seriously.

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