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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rebirths & New Beginnings

We hear the words born again quite often.  People become Born Again Christians.  You can go through a ceremony to become a Born Again Virgin.  People have spiritual and/or health breakthroughs and tell you that they have been BORN AGAIN!!!
I never put much thought into these phrases until yesterday, when a part of my past was in essence literally born again.
When I came up with the idea for Ozipherus Health Technologies my goal was to create mobile apps and web based software for those involved in the health and fitness fields, and for those wanting to learn about health and/or fitness.
I shopped my idea around looking for investors and partners to no avail until I approached my accountant to see if he had any clients that may be interested.  Turns out he was, so we incorporated our new company 60% mine 40% his.  I was to create the apps and run the day to day of the company, and he was the financial backbone and he would look after salaries, payments, taxes etc...
I am a certified personal trainer, nutritionist and I have spent years researching Natural cures, Holistic Nutrition, energy healing and other herbal remedies.  Creating health related apps and software is truly a passion and I sincerely hope that they help people.
The app world however, is very competitive, and just about anybody can create an app.  I decided that we should expand our target market and include games, humorous apps and who knows what else.  When I brought this idea to my partner he didn't like it.  He said we should focus on health & fitness... especially since a main work in our company name is HEALTH.
Then he gave me an idea.  "Why don't you take your earnings from Ozipherus Health Technologies, start another company and create non competing apps and games?"  I hadn't thought of that.  I was inspired!
Years ago I decided to get into the indoor tanning distribution business.  I created a company, got a tax ID number and registered the name Ocean78.  The tanning business never took off, and I had shut it down.  I still have the Tax ID number, and I still own the Ocean78 name.  So yesterday, Ocean78 was reborn in a new domain.  Ocean78 has a second chance at life in the app/tech/mobile web world.
I am extremely excited to get going on this.  I have had ideas for quite some time, and I even had meetings with some developers that work for RIM in efforts to create a laser tag game for the new PlayBook.  I am going to make that happen.
Rebirths do happen, in many different ways, shapes and forms.  Today I am excited to get back on my journey. 


  1. Interesting Ozi, I hope you get the best out of your journey. It is an improvement strategy and you will make it.
    To your Success.

  2. Thank you very much. I appreciate the positive vibes! Be well.