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Monday, June 27, 2011

Review - BlackBerry Style 9670

We all know that I am a huge BlackBerry fan.  I had the Curve before, and I am thrilled with my BOLD.  I was going to upgrade to the Torch recently, but I am so happy with my Bold, that I figured why bother.
My girlfriend was on team BlackBerry, and then decided to opt for an LG sidekick 2 which she HATED!!!  SO when her upgrade was available about 6 months ago, back to BlackBerry she came.
Jen decided on the BlackBerry Style 9670, which is a larger flip phone that offers a full QWERTY keyboard.  The main issue I had with the phone was that she is with Telus Mobility.  I had Telus when I lived in Calgary and WOW did they offer horrid service.
So Jen had her Style for a few months and then suddenly the outer display cracked.   Telus agreed to replace it and we left figuring all would be well.  The Style is great for keeping up to date on every social network known to man.  Jen liked that the "feel" of it was very similar to her older Curve.
About 4 months ago, Jen started sounding as if she was in a tunnel and far away when she was speaking.  Nobody was able to hear her, although she heard us just fine.  Back to Telus we went.  This time they offered her a temp phone and they sent that in for repair.  2 weeks ago it was returned... guess what... still can't hear her.  Phone went back today.
I am not sure if all Style 9670s have this issue.  From what I read online, reviews were very positive about the Style.  Jen loves every aspect of her cell except the speaker.  I checked every setting to make sure it wasn't something we did accidentally.  So now the question remains, who to be aggravated by; BlackBerry or Telus?
Not because I use BlackBerry and develop apps for them, but returns are very few.  I also had a speaker issue with a much older Curve that I had.  My cell carrier exchanged it on the spot.  I have no choice but to lay the blame on Telus.  No, they didn't create the speaker problem, and no, they do not manufacture the phone, but their service doesn't show that clients are valued.
As for an official review of the 9670, here you go:  The battery life is equal to any Curve, obviously depending on usage and what you are running on the cell.  Before the speaker issue, call quality and voice quality were excellent.  It is not overly heavy, nor is it overly clunky, even though it is large for a flip phone.  It is easy to access your apps, downloads and social networks.  The browser is as fast if not a tad faster than my Bold.  All in all I'd give it a 4 out of 5 rating!
As for Telus, well... customer service and tech support get a whopping 0 out of 5... as I'd say on twitter #FAIL

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