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Monday, September 12, 2011

Back to the beginning

When I started getting involved in mobile apps and tech I wanted to create app that helped people get healthier and more fit.  I was going to create high quality health, fitness and nutrition based apps.  For the most part that is what I did.
With Ozipherus Health Technologies, my business partner and I developed HerbalPedia which wasn't a great app, nor was it as complete as I wanted it to be, but it was our 1st shot at an app.  Our game for iOS Roll-4-Play was aimed at helping couples get back into the swing of things and to keep an open and healthy sexual relationship.  That has turned out to be far more popular than HerbalPedia.
With my company, Ocean78 I created Steroid Quick Facts to let people know about the effects and potential dangers of anabolic steroids, and its been a steady seller on both BlackBerry and Android.
App #2 that Ocean78 created was Pocket Naturopath which was a huge hit.  It is basically hints at what a Naturopath would recommend to help ease common illnesses such as joint pain, high blood pressure, menstrual cramps and the list goes on and on.
I am not sure where I went off track, but since then I have developed LaserTap - a laser tag based game for both BlackBerry and their PlayBook.  It is a very fun, somewhat addictive game and it has received good response so far, but games were never on my "to do list."
I am just about finished developing my 2nd game which is a bird hunting game, which I think will be quite popular, mostly because its only $0.99.
Yesterday I started working on 2 themes.  I think they are both very cool, and 1 of them is especially original, but these have nothing to do with health, fitness and nutrition.
So, I am quickly developing the most complete vitamin, mineral, herb and supplement data base in app form.  This app will explain the uses and benefits of each item, what they should be taken with, what foods they can be found in etc...
Back to the beginning, back to helping people get healthy and fit!

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