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Friday, September 16, 2011

I feel like a kid again :)

I haven't been this excited in quite some time.  I honestly feel like a little kid again.  This weekend has me very excited, and it has nothing to do with work for a change.
Tomorrow I am off to Gatineau Quebec to watch a live Air Show where the famous Snowbirds will be performing.  There will also be some old WWI & WWII fighter planes there.  I remember seeing a few of those at Canada's war museum on Ottawa, but I was young when I was last there.
I realize that going to the air show is far from being on the deck of a Naval aircraft carrier, but hey, its still way cool!
As if that isn't enough, tomorrow is the Mr. Olympia tournament and my friend Amit Sapir will be on stage  for the 202 division.  He can likely place top 5 which would be a HUGE accomplishment.  He places #3 at the Toronto Pro Supershow a few months back.  He is the 1st ever Israeli to qualify for the Olympia, its too bad he doesn't get more recognition in Israel.
I am unable to be at Olympia, but I am not too upset, tomorrow is every boxing fans great night.  Two of my favourite fighters, Floyd Mayweather Jr and "Vicious" Victor Ortiz are fighting.  It'll be a great fight!  I am a he fan of them both, and even tweet with Ortiz on rare occasion.  Needless to say, a few people are coming over and that fight will be enjoyed.
I hope you all have awesome weekends as well!

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