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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Battle of the weight loss shows

Just in case you didn't believe me when I stated that I watch way too much TV, this blog should prove that!  I will also admit that although I have no explanation for it, I really enjoy reality TV, so I am sure to watch 'Biggest Loser', 'Heavy' and MTV's 'I Used To Be Fat'.
I am a certified personal trainer with quite a background in not only nutrition, but holistic nutrition and sports performance nutrition.  I am always looking for new training ideas and I love the motivation and inspiration these shows bring to millions.
Which of these is the best, entertainment wise? 
I have watched 'Biggest Loser' from the very beginning, and I have enjoyed almost every season.  They are currently on season 11 and I will say I am not enjoying it all that much.  I like the new trainers, would have loved to have seen more of them in the first 4 episodes... I also think that the competition has been quite good this season, but it started way to close after last season for my liking.
'I Used to be Fat' on MTV shows a High School graduate change their lives over the course of 1 summer.  In terms of proving that it can be done, and in terms of inspiration, this is the winner, but the show isn't always an edge of the seat watch...
Capitalizing on the success of Intervention and Hoarders, A&E launched Heavy which is my favorite of the weight loss shows.  I like the way its done, I like the trainers, I like how we get background on the participants.  I also think it really shows that food can be an addiction and that hard work and diligence will lead to success.
BUT - which is the entertainment winner?
I guess I have to say Biggest Loser wins because if its game show backbone.  Yes, it is a show that helps change lives, and yes, it gets MILLIONS of people active and on weight loss journeys, but the show is a game show.  It pits people against each other in a 'Survivor' like game, and that game mixed with the characters leads to quite an entertaining show.
If you are looking for some great weight loss shows be sure to catch 'X-Weighted' and 'Last 10 pound bootcamp'!

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