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Monday, February 14, 2011

I may be too busy....

I know it takes a great idea to hit it big on the app market, and yes, the competition is intense, but there is money to be made.  Having made a good income from other ecommerce ideas, I decided that my next step would be to create a few apps.
I have 2 apps on the go right now.  My original app is already out and available, and it basically makes one of my online stores accessible from any iPhone, iPad, iTouch & BlackBerry devise.  These 2 new apps will be available to all of those and android as well.
1 of the apps is fairly simple and has a professional use, so I am not worried about selling a million of them at $2.99 a piece.  The coding should be simple, it just involves quite a bit of data entry at the early stages of creation.  It is a simple process.
My 2nd app idea is very interactive and can work online as well, so that will be a huge project and I will likely need to find a few new designers to help with coding and functionality.  I may also have to look for an equity investor and give up part of that business, which I am quite ready to do.  I have no doubt I can sell upwards of 2 million of these at $3.99 a pop.... so you do the math.
Last night, being the creator that I am, and idea struck me, and now I am also starting to develop a new social website.  Something not out there yet... but this will be a HUGE task to get it running and I will for sure need partners and new staff to help with this.
I am  very positive that all this will get done and quite successfully, I am just worried that I may be over doing it to myself right now.
I guess time will tell!

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