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Friday, February 18, 2011

My Family Tree project

Lets just say a crazy bug entered my head.  I have a cousin that I am quite close to, and my girlfriend asked me how exactly we are related, and she was curious since my son absolutely ADORES him.  My answer was quite simple "I'm not sure"!
A few years back, a cousin on my mother's side who lives in Israel, started a family tree, and really has it all down, facebook group and all.  I never thought much of it at all, but now I want to map my paternal family tree.
I sat down with graph paper, a ruler and pencil and started with my son, then me and my siblings, my dad and his sister, her kids, my dad's parents, 2 of their siblings that I knew about and a few of their kids... that is where I drew a blank.
Tonight over Shabbat supper, I started talking to my dad, and WOW, do I ever have holes in my pretty little drawing that I made today... I knew I had cousins and extended family, I just couldn't fit the puzzle pieces together... SOOOO... tomorrow evening my dad and I will be spending the evening placing character by character on my family tree.  Hopefully I can get in touch with enough of them to create a facebook group and perhaps a twitter list as well.
Who knows, perhaps a family reunion is in the making...
I will keep you posted!

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