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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

iPod Touch or Tablet?

Although technology isn't my current main income, it will be in the next few months.  As my company develops more apps and websites, my sole income will be from "web" and App sources.  I have a few retail estores and I only market them via Facebook, YouTube, twitter and MySpace (yes, its still around).
In the meantime, I also need to focus on my other jobs and make income there so that I can pay for all these technological ventures that I am investing both time and money into.
I often run from store to store and gym to gym selling my brands of nutritional supplements, fitness equipment or other gadgets.  I currently bring my laptop and samples everywhere I go.  Let me tell you, that gets heavy, so I decided to buy an iPad. 
In speaking with a few people and doing some research, I see that the iPad is not the best suited tablet on the market for what I need.  I am also not really willing to pay the price for a tablet at the current moment.  Then an idea struck my mind... what if I went back a step and got the iPod Touch???  I can load all my music, plenty of pictures, my pricelists etc... it is smaller than the iPad and this way my son and I can also waste time playing angry birds...
I do not want the iPhone,  I am team BlackBerry all the way and I am afraid to switch since BlackBerry has been great to me.
I would love feedback on the iPod Touch!

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