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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Misadventure in email money sending

I called my bank, the CIBC to ask about the easiness and security of email money sending.  The lady I was speaking with assured me that it was the "easiest, fastest and safest" way to send money.  I also know of many friends, and my sister that does this quite often.  Its an easy enough concept, and it makes total sense.
1 of the companies that I represent deals with the ScotiaBank.   They find it easier to deposit money into a Scotia account for me.  I have no problem with this, and I was even ready to switch to the ScotiaBank, but they aren't offering me what the CIBC has... cheque protection, high daily limits, no freeze through the machine etc...
What I was doing in the past was physically going to a ScotiaBank, withdrawing my pay, and then depositing it into the CIBC.  It was a good time consuming method that led to no issues, problems or complications.
I decided that since I was quite busy yesterday, I'd email the money to myself... HUGE MISTAKE!!!
Within 30 minutes I received an email with the transfer, I answered the security question and did all that I needed to do, yet I was given an error code.  After calling both the CIBC and Scotia, I discovered that Scotia put a hold on this money, since it was the 1st time they saw an email money transfer from my account and it was a fair sum of money.  After a few security questions, I got that corrected, received a new email and went about everything again.
Still have an error code, and no money.  I went to my CIBC branch and they told me I had to call web banking's toll free number.  For the next 5 hours I argued with the CIBC and Certapay about where my money was.
Here is what I got out of it, I still don't have my money.   Agents at the CIBC have no access to the department that can help me.  The supervisor at the CIBC basically told me that he couldn't help and too bad for me, I have to wait 48 to 72 hours to get a call.
It is now almost 12 hours after I "completed" the email money transfer and my money is in cyberspace, with nobody available to help me.  I guess technology doesn't always make life easier.
All I know is this, I will NEVER use ScotiaBank EVER again, and I am seriously debating leaving the CIBC.  Whether I do or not, their complaints department is getting a very detailed long letter.
As for you Daniel Clement at CIBC customer service, Thank you for being so rude, uncaring and unwilling to help... as a supervisor, it should be your goal to make the client feel as if they were assisted.  I received better care from EVERYBODY else but you.  No matter what happens with my money, I wish you a good weekend Mr. Clement, and I hope to never have to deal with your rudeness and incompetent ass again!

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